We have made preliminary reservations in the student hostels Kounicova and Vinarska, and in the hotels Continental, Slavia and the Grand Hotel Brno. The reservations need to be confirmed in January (see deadlines below). 

The hostels Kounicova and Vinarska have shared double rooms with shared toilets and bathrooms in the corridor, with a price of  ~ 22 euros per night and person. The addresses are Kounicova 50 (very close, about 10 minutes walk) and Vinarska 28 (10 - 15 minutes by bus).

Further we have reserved  single rooms in the hotel  Continental  (very close to the venue, 10 minutes walk), with 1350 crowns per night and confirmation deadline January 19, as well as in the hotel Slavia (center, ~ 15 minutes walk), price 1085 crowns per night, confirmation deadline January 16.

The university has agreements with a number of further hotels in Brno:

Hotel Voronez, Hotel Noem Arch:    approx. 50 Euros,
Grand Hotel Brno:  Location: railroad station, ~ 15 minutes by tram no. 12 to the institute, single room 1200 crowns, double room 1500 crowns, 20 single and 5 double rooms reserved, booking deadline 10 January.
Hotel Santon (rather far away), Hotel Bobycentrum:   approx. 37 Euros
Hotel Garni: Address Vinarska (like the hostel), ~ 10 min by bus 25 or 26, 10 double rooms reserved, price 1400 crowns. Booking deadline 16 January.


If you wish to make use of the preferential hotel rates, send an email to Maciej Maliborski This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating in which hotel you would like to stay.

 You can also try